Top Places to Spend New Years Eve 2018 in Vietnam

There are new destinations for Christmas and New Year holidays in Vietnam. Below are top cities for you to celebrate the moment of New Years Eve 2018 with special experiences.

Danang City

New Years Eve in Danang Resorts

The is a new trend for visitors from Japan, Korea, Europe coming to this coastal city for NYE parties with friends and family. Beautiful beach resorts and luxury hotels with countdown events are most attractive reasons for spending your holidays here. Learn more about New Year’s Eve in Danang.

Hoi An Town

New Years Eve in Hoi An Ancient Town

The Hoi An town with its ancient beauty is always the best destination in Vietnam for experiencing the history of Central Vietnam as well the current unique lifestyles here. Full moon lantern festival organized monthly in old streets is the most popular event of the town. Cruising is a great way to welcome New Year on the waves of Hoai river.

Hanoi City

NYE Fireworks in Hanoi

The capital city will provide you with the mix between modern life and old tradition of Northern Vietnam. New Year and Lunar New Year are always celebrated grandly in Hanoi. Countdown and fireworks are special events you should not miss once celebrating NYE here.

Dalat City

NYE in Dalat City

The highland city in chilly weather will memorize you with colourful flowers, delicious foods, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals.  Dalat Flower Festival is the most expecting events in this mountainous township.

Phu Quoc Island

New Years Eve in Phu Quoc Island

Sandy beaches, tasty seafood, wild jungle will lure you. Newly build safari, parks and resorts make Phu Quoc more comfortable for visitors to the islands.

Enjoy your upcoming festive season in the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam!