Partying Places in Tirana on New Years Eve 2017

Tirana New Years Eve

The beautiful city of Tirana is the capital and the biggest city in Albania. Tirana is among popular destinations to spend New Years Eve 2017 in Eastern Europe. The city celebrates Christmas and New Year grandly with plenty events like art performances, music concerts, shopping promotions, countdown parties and firework displays.

Recommended Party Places

  • Sheraton Tirana Hotel on Sheshi Italia, Tiranë 1000
  • Hotel Adriatik in Rruga Pavaresia, Durrës
  • Matrix Night Club at Qyteti i Nxenesve, Rruga Bedri Karapici, Tiranë 1001,
  • Cavaliero Club at Rruga e Kavajës, Tiranë, Albania
  • Charl’s Bistro
  • Tirana International Hotel at Sheshi Skënderbej 8, Tirana 1000
  • Whisky Bar Tirana in Rruga Pjetër Bogdani, Tiranë 4000

Visit around

Below are some suggestions for you to discover attractive destinations in Tirana:

  • Skanderbeg Monument
  • National Historical Museum
  • Mount Dajt
  • Lanë
  • TID Tower
  • Et’hem Bey Mosque
  • Skanderbeg Square
  • National Art Gallery of Albania
  • Rinia Park

Accommodations for NYE

Most booked hotels and resorts for stay on Christmas and New Year holiday

  • The Rooms Hotel & Residence
  • Hotel Boutique Kotoni
  • Diplomat Fashion Hotel
  • Xheko Imperial Hotel
  • Hotel Boutique Vila Verde
  • Sheraton Tirana Hotel
  • Prestige Hotel
  • MonarC Hotel
  • Tirana International Hotel & Conference Centre
  • Hotel Airport Tirana