Discover St Ives on New Years Eve 2017

NYE in St Ives UK

St Ives has the reputation of celebrating the New Year’s Eve in the most spectacular way around UK. The fancy dress program in Cornwall and the grand celebrations around the harbor followed by the stunning display of fireworks over the Smeatons peer are the major parts of NYE celebrations in St Ives. The fireworks show is sponsored by BID St Ives. The celebrations commence at 6pm on December 31 prior to which all the streets of St Ives will be closed for traffic. Vehicle movement to the harbor right from the bottom of Tregenna Hill comes to a standstill. The harbor as well as the beach will get crowded by the evening. The fireworks will start when the bells ring and the spectacular display will be visible from the beach and also from other parts of the town. Though not compulsory, most of the people enthusiastically participate in the fancy dress party and try their best to be in disguise!

Parties in restaurants & bars

The harbor area gets a festive look on the New Years Eve with live bands and decorated and crowded food stalls. However, the celebration is not confined to the harbor area. Special events and exciting parties are arranged by the various restaurants and bars in St Ives on the evening of December 31 and without advance booking one may not be able to get admission to these New Year Eve parties. Those who wish to take food outside on NYE in St Ives should make it a pint to book their tables well in advance in their preferred restaurants or bars. The fancy dress parties create new groups among the crowd. In the restaurants, one can see different characters like dinosaurs, robots and witches moving together as friends and making the event funnier as well as more exciting. Many people keep strolling around to view the hundreds of amazing characters. While many people spend the time either in the restaurants or in the bars some people like to wander through the streets and watch all the fun and entertainments.

Memorable in all aspects

It is really worth to make a trip to St Ives on December 31 exclusively for enjoying the awesome New Year Eve celebration which will be indeed a memorable experience. The Samba Celtica – a band party by the local Samba tribal people is another notable feature of the celebration. The parade of the dancing participants of the Samba tribe is illustrative of their unity and culture. The procession goes through the streets in the town and finally reaches the harbor. The police force maintains law and order during the celebration and they ensure the safety of the people who are present there. In case of excess revelry, breakaway parties and small scale fireworks are conducted in the nearby beaches.

The New Year Eve celebration in St Ives becomes more popular year after year and as a result during the closing hours of every year more number of people arrive St Ives. Another unique aspect of the New Years Eve in St Ives is that since this event is not conducted by any particular organization the event is 100% people driven.