Celebrate Lunar New Years In Seoul 2017

Seoul Chinese New Year

Seoul is one of the most popular destinations for celebrating Chinese New Year and Srping Festival 2017 in East Asia with great rituals and traditions. Seollal or Korean Lunar New Year is celebrated same time with Chinese New Year. This is a major holiday in South Korea. On this occasion, Koreans gather as families to celebrate festival. Seollal is a very important holiday for Koreans. It is a time to respect ancestors and also an opportunity to catch up with distant family members who travel across the world to spend the 3-day holiday with their family and beloved people.

CNY Celebrations

During the Lunar New Year in Seoul, gifts are usually given to family members and new clothes are worn. Korean foods are prepared for many family members coming to visit on Seollal. Another custom observed is the lighting of a “moon house” built out of burnable firewood and branches. This symbolizes the warding off of bad/evil spirits for the new year. Many also choose to add wishes they want come true in the next year to the moon house.

Chinese communities in Seoul celebrate the New Year by gathering together and partying. Many families arrange dinners having traditional Chinese dishes for New Year celebrations. People celebrate New Year with their friends. There is a Chinese tradition in Seoul where people hang up signs on their doors to welcome the New Year. The signs contain a Chinese word “fu”. It means luck and happiness for the New Year.

Some famous Chinese foods including tteokguk and ddeok are offered by multiple restaurants in Seoul at the occasion of Chinese New Year. Korean Folk Village in Yongin celebrates New year with traditional rituals. Dragon dances and annual Chinese parade is also organized by Chinese Community of Seoul Korea. Seollal festival is one festival celebrated by children as they get gifts from their parents.

Accommodations on CNY

Seoul welcomes tourists from all around the world and accommodates them in comfortable and affordable hotels. Some of the best hotels and resorts in Seoul are Grand Hyatt Seoul, Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel, Lotte Hotel Seoul, Imperial Palace, Hotel Seoul Palace, Ibis Myeongdong and InterContinental Seoul Coex. If you are preparing to celebrate Korean Lunar New Year or Seollal, remember to book the hotels well in advance to avoid any last moment problems.