Explore Sarajevo on New Year Eve 2018

NYE Celebrations in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the cosmopolitan city which has developed with the influence of different cultures. In the current times, the historic center is full of the good valued lodges and the warm and welcoming cafes. It is the city which is combination of ottoman and austro Hungarian buildings. New Year means forgetting all past memories and making a new beginning. This is the reason that people like to celebrate 2018 New Years Eve.

BBI Front

If you are in Sarajevo then we would like to guide you with the ways in which you can enjoy New Year’s Eve. The main entertainment in Sarajevo starts when you reach in front of the “BBI center”. The “Trj Djece Sarajevo” is the area in front of BBI where you can set your big plans of New Year celebration. There are some hotels and restaurants which have New Year celebration and clubs where you can party. The New Years Eve celebration starts from 9 in the night and continues till late night. The bands like Zoster, Kontrola and many more are requested to come to entertain the crowd in front of BBI center. The Mayor of Sarajevo is the first person who wishes New Year to the public.

The New Year celebration not only includes music but it also includes the firework display. The “BH telecom stage” is set in the front of BBI in the New Year celebration. It is the part of Sarajevo holiday market and the BH performers play there from 9th December to 14th January.  There are number of clubs and pubs near the area where you can enjoy. The after work parties are thrown daily in the pub which starts at 4.30 in the evening.

The “Sarajevo National Theater” is again a good place where different concerts are organized so that the people can enjoy during New Year. Orchestra is called in the theatre and the program goes on from 7 in the evening. The audience is also able to enjoy the pieces by Rossini.


The entry price at some places include the reservation cost as well and a complimentary drink. The clubs like pivnicaHS and cinemas club slogan are the well known clubs which are lining up with the parties in New Year celebration. The resident Dj performs at the cinemas club and the ticket start at 10 KM and it also include the 5 KM drink. The monument club is also the place where the Resident DJ can be enjoyed for 10 KM. “Dom Mladih” creates the real holiday atmosphere for the customers and gives the special performances and effects. The bar and the standing tables and booths are available for the guests and the reservation made.

There are many hotels which organize NYE party and one well known hotel is Hotel Europe. It is the hotel which organizes in the Vienna café and the hotel restaurant. The performance rates are costly in the hotels as it starts form 150 KM per person but it includes the drinks and dinner at midnight.