Celebrate New Years Eve 2017 Around the World

New Years Eve in Dubai, UAE

Annually, New Years day marks the beginning of a brand new calendar year. All New Years Days including International New Year Day use the Gregorian calendar, which means that it falls on January 1st; this continues the practice of the Roman calendar.

Celebrations Around The World

This day is the most celebrated festivals around the world no matter what country, tradition, religion or culture you are. However, Hindu worshipers, Muslim countries and Chinese communities have their own way to celebrate New Years Day.


Singapore Celebrations of New Years begins with parties on New Years Eve including venues like discotheques, and beach parties being the most prominent. Once the party is over and New Years day begins, it is a day of rest and quiet.


Celebrations of New Year in India is a day of partying with friends and family at the different amusement parks, nightclubs, discotheques and movie theaters, which are packed with people of all ages. It is believed that these gatherings are a way to say goodbye to the former year and say hello to the New Year abundantly. People who attend these parties are seen in vivid new dresses they have chosen especially for this occasion. India parties hold a particular festive idea and sometimes have a unique dress code, theme or color code, which enhances the mood for New Years Eve.


The Lebanese people celebrate the New Years season in a personal way. Some people buy new clothes, some buy cards with well wishes and greetings for the New Year, and gifts are exchanged with family and other loved ones. Homes are decorated to mark the arrival of the New Year, family and friends gather and when the clock strikes midnight, everyone greets each other and rejoice with lavish feast and music.

United Arab Emirates

Everyone in the UAE celebrate New Years, but the leaders of the UAE have their own personal way of celebrating this day. The party starts when Big Ben sounds its bell. At that point, the leaders and socialites of Dubai go to a Black-Tie Gala dinner held at the harbour in Le Meridien Mina Seyahi where they can have a delicious dinner and watch the amazing fireworks.


For the most part, the people of Jordan celebrate New Years in their homes. New Years Day is their public holiday and after meeting all work deadlines and working hard throughout the year, most people choose to just relax and enjoy their day off. New Years Eve night however, finds some people in bars, restaurants and nightclubs and expensive hotels hold countdown parties and young people drink and dance the night away.


Malaysia celebrates New Years in places like discotheques, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and peoples homes, which is added a little touch of party cosmopolitan. For a better New Years celebration, a lot of people go to Churches, Shrines, and Temples to pray for a better year ahead. New Years is celebrated with equal zeal by other communities including Chinese and those from India.


The people who live in Pakistan have a diverse and very different background and because of this, the different regions and provinces of this country have their own ways of celebrating the season. For example, the people who live in the mountainous Chitral region consider this season as a time for them to collect grapes and walnuts.


NYE Celebrations in Manila, Philippines

One of the main New Years traditions in the Philippines is attending midnight Mass or Medianoche. Fireworks also play a big role in the New Years celebrations and as the sky lights up, this signifies that everyone will have a happy and prosperous coming year. Fireworks in the Philippines are recognized as “paputok”


In Japan, New Year is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar, which means every year on January 1st. This is considered to be one of the most important yearly festivals in Japan and has been celebrated for many years, with its own unique customs. Because this holiday is so important, many days of preparations are required and the people are quite busy, especially on New Years Eve, which is known as misoka.