Celebrate New Years Eve 2017 in Vienna

Vienna New Years Eve

Vienna, Austria capital city ,  will surprise and delight you with its winning combination of the old and the new, where music varies from Mozart classics to hip-hop, and classic cafe’s to cutting edge night clubs and bars. The city’s historical treasures, world renown concerts, trendy bars and restaurants, monumental architecture, and imperial history are just a few of the reasons that New Years Eve 2017 in Vienna is sure to be spectacular.

Vienna is regarded as one of Europe’s cultural capitals and the concept of its New Year Eve celebrations reflects this, with an emphasis on luxurious cultural events like the opera and exceptional classical music venues. That is certainly not to say that there isn’t a wealth of diverse opportunities of fun for every NYE participant including a vibrant night club scene and a huge variety of intercontinental restaurants and bars offering something special for everyone.

Countdown Parties & NYE Fireworks

Whenever you mention New Years Eve in relation to Vienna anyone who has been there will refer to the city’s New Years Day concert, its legendary premier event. The New Years concert is held at the Vienna Philharmonic and is the most famous New Years concert in all of Europe, maybe even the world.

For New Years Eve 2016 the Vienna Philharmonic has asked Daniel Barenboim to conduct in acknowledgement of the orchestra’s 25 years of musical collaboration with the Musical Director of the Unter den Linden, the State Opera in Berlin. If you’re planning on visiting Vienna for NYE in 2014, make sure to make time for this event.

Aside from the city’s musical events, the Wiener Rathauskeller and Vienna Town Hall will be holding a New Years Eve Gala event, with a substantial buffet and musical programme including the ever popular waltz.

The majority of the popular local bars are located in the old Jewish Quarter (1st District), around Ruprechtskirche. Alternative districts with less tourists include the Spittelberg vicinity, close to Amerlinghaus (7th District) and in the 4th District, next to the Naschmarkt. Most of the best places to check out in Vienna for New Years Eve won’t be obvious choices and are not always located in the town’s city center. A lot of the clubs in these lesser known areas operate picky door policies, where visitors are often screened, choosing those that are dressed properly or are exceptional looking. Vienna also has its fair share of beer taverns and lounges and a variety of formal balls as well. Most of the city’s many night life venues will be hosting their own New Years Eve celebrations.

The midnight countdown and firework displays are usually centered around St. Stephen‘s Cathedral, where the rich toned chimes of the massive Pummerin bell mark the final 12 seconds of the previous year, before the New Year is welcomed in with a cacophony of fireworks lighting up the beautiful Vienna sky.

Accommodations for NYE

Vienna’s hotels are some of the finest in Europe, and while their prices tend to reflect their exceptional quality you are sure to be pleased with their high standards and luxurious amenities. Some of Vienna’s best hotels include the Grand Hotel Wien, the Ambassador hotel, Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna, the Hotel Bristol, Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth, Hotel Sacher, Do and Co Hotel Vienna. If you are planning for your trip to Austria on next coming Christmas or New Year holidays, early hotel booking is highly suggested.