Celebrate Gala New Years Eve 2017 in Phuket

New Years Eve in Phuket

What can be more exciting than celebrating your New Year’s Eve 2017 in the mesmerising city of Phuket Thailand? Come and live the wonderful New Year experience with a blast, enjoy the dance ceremonies, and discover yourself amidst the charming beauties of the land. Every year Phuket arranges for a New Year party for the numerous national and foreign tourists from many countries. During this time, there is no barrier for the people of any caste, creed, race or religion of the world.

Vital aspects on NYE

A tour of Thailand and Bangkok remains incomplete if you do not visit Phuket in New Year’s Eve. The special attractions include the following:

  • Special dining and wine packages for family get together, and also New Year festive bonanza for children of all ages.
  • You can also visit the famous Patong Beach, and enjoy a small candle light dinner in this place. This can be especially interesting if you want to spend a romantic night out with your lover or husband.
  • You will simply get awestruck by watching the fireworks lit up against the sky. This will really illuminate your New Year’s Eve. Most of the fireworks do not involve any horrible sound of crackers, and you can just enjoy the glistening light of these fireworks.
  • You can also go for a Bantao Beach carnival for the New Year special session, and you will not be disappointed at any rate.

Discover mesmerising Phuket

Major parts of Phuket are well connected by roads, airways, and through the oceans. The serene blue water of the sea and the gorgeous nightlife cannot be missed out if you want to have a slice of mesmerising Phuket with all its richness and variety. The special New Year lanterns and the music shows all through the land will surely transform you into a hardcore party animal. The sky lanterns gaze all throughout the time to await the coming of the New Year, and you can just capture the attractive moments of getting a glimpse of those lanterns in blue, white, red, yellow, and other fantastic colours.

Moreover, the special countdown for New Year starts with all the tourists and the natives of Malaysia and Thailand joining hands and cheering louder enough to usher in the New Year full of hopes and dreams. If you plan to go for an international holiday to Phuket, then you have made the correct option.

Music and bands

If you want to switch over to some light music, then also you can visit the beach parties in Phuket. The musical accompaniments and the nest bands play all throughout the night to invite the New Year with all its splendour. Music and instrumental performances start from 25th December onward, and they continue even after the 31st midnight. This makes Phuket a singing heaven where you will discover the strange and wild side of yours which is yet to be discovered.

Five star and seven star hotels, including the Regent Hotel in Phuket also organize night and day parties all throughout New Year’s Eve.