Celebrate New Years Eve 2017 in Oslo

Oslo New Years Eve in Norway

The people of Norway consider 2017 New Year’s Eve festival a major one and strive to make it a distinct and royal affair, especially the NYE celebrations in capital city of Oslo.

NYE Fireworks

Even though there are many community fireworks and backyard fireworks, the celebrations in Norway of New Years Eve relies on the incredible fireworks show. The community fireworks last for only a few minutes after midnight and some people make arrangements to have their own fireworks in the neighborhood streets. After their New Years Eve feast or dinner, they go out to set off their fireworks. It is usually only children and young people who stay for the fireworks because the climate in Norway is bone chilling cold and wet making it difficult on the older population to travel to major parts of the town and be out in the cold.

It is usually the most comfortable way for people to have fireworks by going to their own backyards because most communities will not allow firecrackers in specific areas. Some manage to get to the community organized fireworks shows due to the age restrictions on purchasing firecrackers being 18 years old or older. The only time fireworks are available for sale is two days prior to New Years between the hours of 8am and 8pm. There are temporary cubicles put up in shopping centers and supermarkets just for the fireworks sales and then taken down right after. People do not seem to mind the expense involved because of the importance that New Years Eve holds.

Other Celebrations

Even though the Eve of New Years is reserved for gathering with ones family, relatives and friends, you can choose to go to social celebrations or private parties but the core of any event remains spending quality time with family. Most people choose a blend of both family and social times at clubs, pubs and discotheques all of which draw a good crowd on New Years Eve. To be able to spend quality time with the family, some pack up and head to nearby exotic places and tourist destinations in Norway. Even then, the most preferred way to spend the time up to seeing out the Old Year and in with the New Year is by drinking, dancing and lots of music so there are always lots of parties.

Traditionally, the people of Norway make dishes of lobster, Lutefisk or turkey for their supper or dinner feast along with a fine wine or champagne, which is considered an important part of New Years Eve so they can drink a toast at the arrival of the New Year. Directly after the toast comes the cheering and New Year well wishes.

Accommodations for NYE

Being an attractive destination in North Europe, Olso has full ranges of hotels to cater any visitor’s needs. Popular hotels are Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Oslo, Anker Hotel, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Oslo, Best Western Karl Johan Hotel, Best Western Karl Johan Hotel, and so many more. If you are arranging your trip to Norway on next coming Christmas and New Years holidays, early hotel booking is strongly suggested.