Explore Moscow on New Years Eve 2017

New Years Eve in Moscow

Moscow, the most beautiful city in Russia will witness spectacular celebrations on New Years Eve 2017. For the people in Russia December 31 evening is the most exciting as well as enjoyable festival of the winter season. On New Year Eve the entire city of Moscow is decorated in the most magnificent way. Those who want to enjoy one of the world’s best New Year Eve party as well as celebrations may plan a trip to Moscow and be there on December 31.

The capital city of Russia celebrates New Years Eve in a very grand way. Those who will be in Moscow on December 31 are advised to take with them the warmest coat since Russia in general and Moscow in particular experience very severe winter. Many parts of Russia experience polar night at that time and as a result there will be darkness for 24 hours continuously. In Moscow, the day will be short and as a result the people in Moscow get a long night to celebrate the birth of the New Year.

Bars, Clubs & Hotels

Red Square in Moscow witnesses the most spectacular activities on New Years Eve. The stunning illumination, marvelous fireworks and large crowds are the most exciting features of New Year Eve in Moscow. Those who have a passion to participate in crowded festivals will have maximum enjoyment in Moscow in the evening of December 31. Young boys and young girls go to the discos or night clubs, insanely dance and enjoy the party throughout the night. The parties in the clubs and bars in Moscow on New Year Eve will be highly extravagant as wells as amazing and those who wish to enjoy these long, loud and lavish parties should make it a point to book their tickets well in advance.

The popular hotels in Moscow like the Katerina Park and the Basilica offer great services and great menu on New Years Eve. Those who plan their trip earlier and make the hotel booking in advance can grab the best type of accommodation with exciting discounts. Red Square is the center stage of NYE celebrations in Moscow. Those who cannot withstand the pressure from the large crowd and temperature that goes down to the extent of – 30 degrees Celsius may however prefer not to venture out.,

NYE highlights

Those who do not want to experience the cold weather and noisy crowd can celebrate the NYE in Moscow by getting tickets for private parties and enjoying great food, champagne and other drinks in the company of friends. Those who will be celebrating the NYE in Moscow can take it for granted that on the occasion of New Year Eve they are in one of the best winter holiday destinations of the world.

The awesome sceneries of the NYE include the vibrant city of Moscow, the scenic landscapes of the Red Square with a coating of snow, the enchanting Moscova River hidden under layer of ice and the jubilant as well as festive surroundings that are decorated elegantly. The hotels, clubs, restaurants and bars will be competing with each other to make the party the most exciting as well as entertaining.