Enjoy 2017 NYE Celebration in Montpellier

New Years Eve in Montpellier

Montpellier is one of the fastest growing cities in France. The city centre in Montpellier with small beautiful shops, restaurants and bars along the way is a beautiful place and this is the venue for various celebrations throughout the year. The hidden squares of the city centre host many parties and events. One can cover the entire downtown on foot within a few hours. The restaurants are filled with people on New Year’s Eve 2017. While sipping the wine they will be enjoying the music played on the background and watching the various entertainment programs.

Those who stand in the center of the plaza can enjoy the picturesque beauty of Montpellier. From here one gets the spectacular views of the Opera, the fountain of Trois Grace and the long Esplanade de Charles de Gaulle. At the street market on the Esplanade one can purchase clothing, linens, used books, purses, boulangeries, etc. The artisan craft shops and restaurants are concentrated in Esplanade. One can do shopping here while tasting the food and listening to the live band that is performed.

Porte de Peyrou

Those who visit the City of Montpellier on the NYE 2016 make it a point to visit the Musee Fabre museum that houses Flemish as well as Dutch paintings and sculptures of 15th–18th century period. European paintings from 14th to 18th century and work of the neoclassical period are also kept here. Another exciting feature is the rotating exhibition space. The Port du Peyrou which was designed by Francois Dorbay divides the old city and Peyrou. This dividing arch is constructed in the model of Paris Arc de Triomphe. The arc contains the reliefs of major events during the reign of King Louis XIV. At Promenade du Peyrou, the visitors enjoy picnic lunch and wine. The statue of King Louis XIV is kept in the center of the square facing Porte du Peyrou. Château d’Eau, the hexagonal water tower is at the end of the plaza and the tower gets water from River Lez through the Aqueduc de Saint-Clément. The Vintage Toy museum is situated at the entrance.

Exciting boutiques

On the NYE, the visitors to Montpellier enjoy the shopping at the trendiest boutiques in St. Roch which is in the southern part of the centre. The other interesting places across the city center are the Hippy Market, La Vintage Gallery, Le Dressing, Lolita Lorca, Les Petites Choses, De la Luce, Cubik, Etat D’ame, Rue Privee, Madagasc’ arts, Tresors de Samarkand, Beatrice Collin Home, RBC, Carles II Bergada, Galerie du Peyrou, Henri Tourneau, Terres Anciennes, Numismatique Antiquites Cimarosa, Carlita and many more.

The Hippy Market is the ideal place to purchase stylish and elegant looking leather bags, briefcases, trunks, fur coats, leather jackets, men’s suits, skirts etc. At the La Vintage Gallery one can find large collections of men’s and women’s vintage treasures such as purses, jewellery, accessories, clothing, etc. Les Petites Choses is one of the most beautiful children’s boutiques. The toys and clothing that are sold at this boutique are from the well known British companies like Le Toy Van, Jelly Kitten and Moulin Roty.