Discover New Year Eve 2017 In Mexico City

New Years Eve in Mexico City

Have you planned to celebrate New Year Eve? If not yet then don’t worry, it is never too late to celebrate. You just have to buy tickets for a North American city- Mexico City, where you can experience your best 2017 New Year Eve celebrations. A welcome to New Year and the new chapter of life is vibrantly and colorfully celebrated in Mexico City.

The Basin of Mexico-Mexico city

Within the valley of Mexico, between the high plateaus, at the centre of Mexico, lies the Mexico city, which is the capital of Mexico, is located in North America. The city is most important financial centre of the area. Mexico City is divided in to 16 boroughs. It is the oldest capital city of America. The city is rich in culture, history, music, entertainment, theatre, different cuisines and sports.

This city originally rested on Lake Texcoco but frequent seismic activity result in removal and drainage of lake by 17th century. Mexico City has been designated with varied history. Many monuments are found in the city standing and depicting the past. One of the very famous monuments lies in the southern borough, the floating garden of Xochimilco. These gardens have been declared as World Heritage Sites. Mexico City has a total number of 160 museums, which is the largest number of museum in a city around the globe.

Many landmarks are found in the Mexico City which attracts tourists from all around the world. Some of the most visited and known landmarks are Chapultepec, National Anthropology Museum, Historic centre of Mexico city, Zocalo, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico city, Mexico city Metropolitan Cathedral, Great pyramid of Tenochtitlan, National Palace, Frida Kaho Museum, Angel of Independence and Pyramid of the sun.

Celebrate NYE

As the clock will strike 12 at New Years Eve, after the long awaited countdown, people will experience the best firework display and fire crackers at Zocala. This place throws the best New Year party in the city. Main Square of city plays live music performances for people. To welcome New Year, people gather, sing, dance and enjoy the bonfires.

Formal New Year Eve parties are organized in pubs, restaurants, hotels and discotheques. People also organize private parties and dinners. In these parties, traditional Mexican foods are served which include turkeys and Bacalo (codfish). Music, drink and entertainment are an important part of these dinner parties. Mexico City has a tradition to bake a coin within the bread and the lucky one who finds it gets all the good luck in the coming year.

Beautiful beaches and sea shores in Mexico City are also a known destination for people who want to celebrate New Year Night. At Playa del Carmen, a beach in Cancun hosts a party at New Year which starts with the last setting sun of previous year and ends when the last person on beach goes home. This party serves all you want including music, dance, champagne and entertainment.

Accommodation for NYE

Mexico City has a potential to host people from all around the world. Hotels and resorts are fully booked at New Years Eve. Some of the best accommodation places are Best Western Hotel Majestic, Hotel Del Principado, Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico, W Mexico City, Habita Hotel, nH Centro Historico and Hampton Inn and Suites. Low cost and economical accommodations are also available for tourists.