Enjoy 2017 New Years Eve Parties in Madrid

Madrid New Years Eve

Spain is a beautiful and vibrant country, full of scenic beauty, history and last but not least, world class party venues that are sure to make celebrating New Years Eve 2017 in Madrid a memorable experience. Visitors will find a wealth of accommodations in Madrid as well, close to all the best discos, bars, restaurants and parties, diverse choices that are sure to fit everyone’s tastes.

NYE Parties and Fireworks

Each year, the Puerta del Sol turns into the primary center of New Years Eve in Madrid as well as the rest of Spain. Countless party goers from all over the gather in the square on NYE, ready to welcome in the New Year, eating the grapes that symbolize good luck in Spain as the historic clock begins its countdown from its position on the Real Casa de Correos. The clock was designed as well as generously donated by talented José Rodríguez Losada, and later inaugurated on November 19, 1866 by Queen Isabel II. For a number of years the clock was used as the Spain’s official time standard, which is one of the many reasons it is appropriate that it rings in the New Year. As mentioned above, Spain has a rich and long history and there’s no better place to bring in the New Year than this event.

The entire Puerta del Sol experience will be televised and just seconds before midnight the iconic NYE ball on the top of the tower will drop, followed by the sounds of the carillon, the eating of the grapes, and finally the arrival of the New Year.

Visitors who appreciate the night life will love the special celebrations being held throughout the city on NYE in Madrid as the nightclubs, bars and restaurants do their best to outdo each other when it comes to exciting festivities. Visitors can depend on there being great music, a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, and NYE party spirit, all making spending this special holiday in Madrid an exceptional experience.

Several places will also be hosting private parties on New Years Eve in Madrid as well, often offering all inclusive packages, with most located close to Puerta del Sol which is a plus for those planning on welcoming in the New Year in the square. Most important of all, don’t forget to buy your 12 grapes and celebrate like the locals do, eating one at each stroke of the NYE countdown.

There are also a wide variety of nightlife venues located at Plaza Santa Ana and along the surrounding streets including calle Huertas, with most of the most popular being Cerveceria Alemana, the Moderna and Naturbier. The bars located around c/ Principe are also worth exploring including Viva Madrid. To stay with tradition on this very special New Year Eve 2015 in Madrid, close out the evening with a visit to the Chocolateria San Gines and treat yourself to a few delicious chocolate con churros.

Accommodations for NYE

Being a popular destination in Europe, Madrid has full ranges of accommodation that can fit any visitor’s needs. Famous hotels are Gran Melia Fenix Hotel, Gran Melia Fenix Hotel, Husa Princesa Hotel, Hotel Quatro Puerta del Sol, NH Ribera del Manzanares and so many more. If you are planning to spend your next coming Christmas or New Year holidays in Spain, early hotel booking is highly suggested.