Discover 2017 NYE Parties in Las Vegas

Las Vegas New Years Eve Parties
If you want to say good bye to the present year and make a bash out of it, Las Vegas is the place to be for 2017 New Years Eve parties. Although, there are people who believe that Vegas is not the place to go with family but if you stay away from the strip you can actually experience a very family friendly ambience to enjoy. Vegas has something for everybody and as its reputation goes, the excitements know no bound in this part of the US. There are hotels of various rages in Vegas so that you don’t have a problem booking according to your budget.

Venues & Events for NYE

If you want a four star hotel accommodation you have plenty of options like the Treasure Island, MGM Grand, Tropicana, Paris, Golden Nugget and many more. These are some of the most economic four stars that you can find in Vegas. You would be able to spend your nights in one of these hotels under sixty dollars. At the same time you would not have to compromise with the services that you get. There are also a number of three star hotels that you can choose from which has reasonable costing. Some of the finest three star hotels that you can lodge in are Baymont Inn, The Orleans, the Sincoast Hotel, Candlewood Suites, Sams Town and many more. Most of these hotels come with casino and gambling halls for you to enjoy.

One of the finest places to go to in Las Vedas is the Fremont Street. This place is also known as the Downtown of Old Las Vegas. The tourism of Nevada starts from the Fremont Street Experience which is a section between the Boulevard of Las Vegas and Main Street of Fremont Street. You can go to the Golden Gate which is one of the oldest gambling houses in Las Vegas. The Fremont Street experience could be a good idea of a perfect holiday. It is a ceiling of four blocks and ten storeys along with two million lights. Every dusk, the lights are switched on with the beats of music booming.

There is another place where you can spend your time and it is known as the Hoover Dam. If you want to go for the drive, you will be happy to know that the American dam is free all week. The drive just a drive of forty five minutes from the city and you can access the dam through the highway 95. As a traveler you will hardly see anything more awesome as the Hoover Dam. It is a always a great feeling to get on top of the dam ad look down the Colorado river 736 km down. The Grand Canyon is another place to see if you are tired of the glittering Vegas strip. Although it is in Arizona, tourists from Vegas travel west to experience the grand Death Valley, the Zion Park, the Canyons and many more. As you can see, you new year’s can be spent in any way you wish if you land up in Las Vegas this year.