Celebrations On New Year Eve 2017 In Istanbul

New Years Eve in Istanbul

Planning your New Year Eve 2017 in Istanbul may not necessarily make your hopes come true, rather it is above your hopes and even your wildest dreams. The Turkey’s capital is the centre for NYE celebrations.

Istanbul- the magnificent

Istanbul is considered as the world’s most beautiful city, largest city in Turkey, cultural and historic heart, the only city lying in two continents of world. It is a transcontinental city, standing the Bosphorus in northwestern Turkey between Black sea and Marmara Sea. European side of city is knwn as Thracian side whereas the Asian side is called Anatolian side. Golden horn is another natural divider of the city. it is a harbor bounding the peninsula.

The city is primarily known for Byzantines and Ottoman architecture. Some of the oldest surviving Ottoman Empire architecture in Istanbul is Anadoluisan and Rumelihisan fortresses. Some of the most beautiful places are present in Istanbul. These places depict culture and heritage of the past. Some famous places are Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace, Basilica Cistern, Suleymaniye mosque, Grand Bazaar, Chora Church, Galata Tower, Istanbul Archeology Museum, Golden Horn, Dolmabace palace, New Mosque, Rustem Pasha Mosque, Ciragan Palace, Walls of Constantinople, Sakip Sabanci museum and Istanbul Aquarium.

NYE Events

Ringing to the new year with countdown, firework, fire crackers, events and parties, that is the whole thing Istanbul keeps for you. Taksim square has its way of celebrations to the new coming year. A crowd of thousands visit istiklal cadesi only to visit taksim where the countdown to midnight begins and with the clock strike at 12 the sky gets blown up with enormous fireworks

If you want to visit restaurants which serve international cuisines, move towards Galata. Cisek Pasaji is a place where one can find a variety of wine houses, cafes, pubs and restaurants to enjoy the night. Bosphorus cruises can be one of the best options to celebrate New Yea Eve with your family and friends. Sedate setting is provided in Kervansaray Restaurant. Some of the best night outs are hosted by Istanbulin, Orient House, Sultana’s and Gar Restaurant.

Golden horn celebrates New Year Night by providing family entertainment in evening times. Golden horn bring you to coastal areas where you can have stunning views.

Accommodations for NYE

There are many Accommodation places for tourist celebrating New Years Eve in Istanbul. These are the hotels and resorts which include Neorion Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet, World Heritage Hotel Istanbul, Hotel Amira Istanbul, Millennium Suites and White House Hotel Istanbul. Comfortable and low cost accommodations are also available for tourists. Apartments on rent are also available for international tourists. Make sure to confirm your accommodation earlier to enjoy the night to fullest.