Celebrate New Years Eve 2017 in India

New Years Eve in India capital of New Delhi

2017 New Year’s Eve according to the Gregorian calendar (January 1st) is one of the most popular occasions in Indian cities. Many people throughout the South Asia countries like India to celebrate this festive occasion with loved ones or in large gatherings. Big cities of New Delhi, South and North Goa, Bengaluru, Kochi, Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Udaipur all celebrate New Years Eve grandly.

New Delhi

No other states in India celebrates 2016 New Years Eve with such enthusiasm as New Delhi does. The grand occasion is carried out with pomp and shows at the heart of the country when the clock strikes twelve for New Year coming. Learn further about NYE Parties in New Delhi city.

South Goa & North Goa

South Goa and North Goa nevertheless have everything you would hope for perfect Christmas and New Years Eve holidays with balmy weather, lively yet comparatively restrained countdown parties, lovely beachfront setting, and of course a genuinely friendly welcome. In terms of prices it is also one of the more reasonable destinations, certainly when compared with more traditional and iconic holiday destinations such as Australia or United State cities.  Keep reading to understand New Years Eve in Goa state, India.


New Year's Eve holiday in Mumbai

If you are interested in spending Christmas and New Year’s holidays with your friends in Mumbai, you must visit the ideal destinations which are famous for their splendid NYE celebrations like Colaba Club, Seven Kitchen, Pali Beach Resort, Hotel Marine Plaza, Firangi Paani. Read further on New Years Eve Celebrations in Mumbai city.