Discover New Years Eve 2017 in Florianopolis

New Years Eve in Florianopolis

In Florianopolis Island, there will be many parties on New Year’s Eve 2017. The most popular parties include the Jurere Beach party, the beach clubs parties, Taiko and Café de La Musique. For the people of this island, New Year’s Eve is the most important holiday and NYE party is the most exciting celebration of the year. The hotels in this island are booked in advance for the party. Those who plan to participate in NYE celebration in Florianopolis may book well in advance the Florianopolis New Year’s Package. The night clubs in Florianopolis start selling their tickets 4-5 months in advance. Many tourists from other countries buy the tickets for the nightclubs and enjoy the celebration in Florianopolis.

Florianopolis is one among the most preferred NYE destinations in Brazil. The beachfront celebrations include spectacular fireworks also. The parties at the beach loungers are also quite popular. The beach longue party at Jurere Internacional is perhaps the most famous beach longue party.


Those who want to enjoy the Reveillon in Florianopolis have many hot choices. Popular DJs will be participating in the Reveillon in Florianopolis. The open bars will be offering Salto Sparkling wine, Belvedere Vodka, Chivas, Effect, Stella Artois and other brands. The all-inclusive menu consists of lentils, bread and pates, Sushi buffet, cold cuts, Ferrero Rocher chocolate, penne with shimp and Catupiry and Filet Mignon stroganoff. The Reveillon in Florianopolis will also feature international DJs like Andre Maran from Brazil, Martin Ten Velden from Netherlands, Keemo from Germany, Richard Grey from France, Ely Yabu from Brazil and others. Facilities like restrooms, open areas, beach access, covered areas and pools are used for the celebration.

Different categories of suites are offered including those with hot tub. At the buffet, food will be served by the restaurant staff. The fireworks shows will be exactly at midnight. The food service will be from 10 pm to midnight. Taiko, the famous longue offers very special food that includes risotto, mini sandwiches, oysters, fruit and sweets and lentils. The service of hair stylists and make-up pros are also offered here.

Parties in nightclubs

Florianopolis is one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. On the occasion of NYE celebration, this city will become amazingly beautiful. A lot of tourists visit Florianopolis on the NYE and enjoy the hot, luxury parties. The ‘night and day’ clubs here compete with each other in making glamorous parties. Those who plan to celebrate NYE in Florianopolis have to book the party in advance. The gay clubs Florianopolis arrange grand parties for members of the LGBT community. Breakfast is provided since 7 am for all the endless parties. Apart from the LGBT clubs, parties are arranged in Florianopolis for other preference groups also. El Divino is a stunningly glamorous nightclub in Florianopolis. On the NYE, this nightclub offers open bar, buffet and DJ. The White Party in Campeche Beach is the best option for those who want to celebrate New Year on the beach. Open Bar and DJ are the main features of the White Party.