Celebrate New Years Eve 2018 in Asia

New Years Eve in Asia

New Year’s Eve-this very phrase reminds us of festive mood and celebrations. Not only is it celebrated because of the end of the whole year, but it is also celebrated and a cheers to the year ahead of it.

New Year’s Eve 2018 and us

This day is very special for most of us. This is the time for revelation of past year’s resolutions, regrets, achievements and all those nostalgic feelings we had in the past year or the past years. It reminds us that no matter how many hurdles we went through in this single year …everything is going to be okay in the end and life is all about ups and downs.

NYE Celebrations

If you love to experience a variety of culture, rituals or tradition on New Years Eve holiday, then Asia countries are the ultimate places for your choices. Generally, New Years Eve celebrations in the cities of Asia are more traditionally associated with the Lunar New Year but there are still widespread celebrations to mark the Gregorian new year. Of course, it is not oly in the expat communities but also for the locals. Popular NYE destinations in Asian continent are listed as below:

NYE in South East Asia

New Years Eve in North Asian countries

New Years Eve on Persian Gulf