Enjoy New Years Eve 2017 in Newcastle

New Years Eve in Newcastle

Newcastle or the party capital of North England as people say is one of the coolest place to celebrate the last day of 2015 and welcoming New Year 2017. Calling it the coolest place is literal as the temperature during December dwindles below zero. That’s the time to take wear your furry coat ant a stylish cap and then put on the party boots. This is exactly what happens in Newcastle. Happiness, fun and party mood is like all over in the air and everyone breathes it in. To miss New year’s eve in Newcastle is like missing the big part of a fun pie.

Even in this festive mood they don’t forget to retain their beautiful culture. It starts with people going for fishing on boats with family and spends an adventurously warm time. Then the evening is marked with the big amazing parade that starts from the Grey’s Monument around 5:30pm. After that people with family and kids if wants to keep it light then they can head towards the Civic Center and mesmerize themselves with the fireworks. But if you don’t want to end the day soon then there are whole list of things that can be done.

Hold hands with people and join the Newcastle New year’s eve final countdown with the crowd under the big fireworks happening at the Tyne Bridge, and the River Tyne sparkling under. Just across the river happens one of the biggest musical gig at Maximo Park and Future head. You might just end up seeing your best band playing there. If there is music how can dance not be there? Digital one of the best Nightclub where you not only get to hear some amazing Djs even professional dancers will blow your mind with their grooves and moves. And it’s not going to be very surprising if you get to sip some of the newest cocktail mixes. Florita’s & House of Smith is also really good place to check out and have fun. Also do not miss Tup Tup Place. If you are in a mood to try some luck then go to Aspers Casino. There are many more places to go and party in the happening streets Grainger Street and Mosely Street where there is Bigg market.

To get all the energy to party more there are some really good eating place. If are a person who appreciates classic food then for surely dine at Quay Ingredient and The Old Siam. Or if you are planning to grab something fancy and try out new flavors then the perfect places will be Cals Own, Quilliam Brothers, Aneesa’s Buffet Restaurant.

Then after such a happening day one certainly needs a place to rest. If you are person who likes to sip wine and eat classic then surely you would like a classy place to stay in posh area like Quayside then The Vermont Hotel, Indigo Newcastle. And if you don’t want to have a hard pocket pinch but want comfort as well then step in and book a room at Cairn Hotel, Surtees Hotel, and Village Urban Resort.

So if you don’t want to miss on so much then this year spend the New Year’s Eve at Newcastle and it’s for sure you would want to go there again and again.