Celebrate New Years Eve 2017 in New Zealand

New Zealand NYE

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful island countries in the world, which also has some of the most outstanding festivals and celebrations that are not only beautiful, they are royal. New Zealand celebrates 2017 New Year’s Eve countdown on December 31st just like the rest of the world but since its location is so geographically close to the International Date Line it is one of the first nations to witness the arrival of the first rising sun on New Years Day. The native New Zealanders consider this festival highly significant and they make every effort to make the New Year’s Eve celebration a memorable and fun event.

Celebrations on NYE

Between New Years Eve and New Years Day, New Years Eve is the biggest of the two even though New Years Day has many celebrations too. Most parts of New Zealand have three day long celebrations including festivals, parties and other events. All the celebrations are full of vitality and vibrancy with people partying all day and well into the night. The uniqueness of these festivals is they offer respite to those who want to get away from the usual party culture. Most of these are located at discotheques, nightclubs and other party hubs, which are modified during New Years Eve with a lot of the parties are held outside on big party stages.

New Zealand’s New Years Eve parties consist mostly of eminent performers of the world and the nation that come together to perform for thousands. Even though the weather is cold, the lively and vibrant people create high risk acts that end up being a great time for everyone present. Besides the amazing music, you will find the finest booze and the most delicious food for your celebration. If you want to have an alcohol free New Years Eve with your family, go to the five decades old “New Years Eve Mardi Gras” event where everyone can watch creative performers from around the country and local for your enjoyment.

Major NYE Celebrations

New Zealand’s most populous and largest part of the country is Auckland where you can witness a spectacular fireworks show on New Years Eve, probably the best in the country. The event takes place on Auckland’s Sky Tower over the Waitemata harbour where you will witness a magical scene with planned technology.

Another fireworks hot spot in New Zealand is in Queenstown on New Years Eve. If you are planning to attend, book your hotel several months in advance as this is the biggest attraction in Queensland and will start at the stroke of midnight to mark the beginning of the New Year. It is a spectacular event to behold and one you will not want to miss so be sure to find a good spot to watch. The best part is that there will not be any boozing on the streets of Queensland as it is strictly forbidden the week before and the week after New Years.

Most New Zealanders enjoy getting closer to nature during New Years and a lot of people will get together with their families and friends and go to popular places like Mount Maunganui, Gisborne or Whangamata. Whangamata is a town located on the coast of Coromandel Peninsula and has many people during New Years. Mount Maunganui is a town located in the Bay of Plenty and a preferred place for young people to party. Gisborne is a Northeastern New Zealand city and one of the first to witness the sunrise of the New Year.