Celebrating New Years Eve 2017 in Netherlands

NYE In Amsterdam

Let’s celebrate New Years Eve 2017 in Netherlands. The people of the Netherlands spend their NYE with family and friends to celebrate much joy and happiness. In the Netherlands, New Years Eve begins a few days before December 31st. Then, once the sun sets on New Years Eve the fun starts with dancing and parties. This is a time when the Netherlanders enjoy spending time with family and friends, going to the many discos, hotels and bars that are packed with people from around the world. The people of the Netherlands have their own unique traditions and style that is really worth looking into. The New Years Eve celebrations are the biggest affairs, filled with wild parties and fireworks because the Netherlands is the most liberal of European countries.

NYE over cities in Holland

Let’s enjoy the different ways of New Years Eve celebrations in main cities around Netherlands

Map of Holland Cities

  • New Years Eve in Amsterdam: Undoubtedly one of the jewels of Europe, and not just because of the stunning 17th century canals. Learn more about NYE celebrations in Amsterdam city.
  • New Years Eve in  Rotterdam: Rotterdam is a young and dynamic city with a world-class port. The city is internationally known for its modern architecture and design
  • New Years Eve in The Hague: Classy and traditional, yet also sophisticated and worldly. Visit the hometown of the Dutch Queen.
  • New Years Eve in Utrecht: Utrecht is situated in the heart of Holland and is one of the oldest Dutch cities.
  • New Years Eve in Alkmaar: Located in the Meuse Valley between the hills of South Limburg, its perfect for a city break!
  • New Years Eve in Arnhem
  • New Years Eve in Haarlem
  • New Years Eve in Eindhoven
  • New Years Eve in Almelo
  • New Years Eve in Assen

Get to the Netherlands

Holland can be reached by either air, train, ferry or coach. Remember to book your tickets well in advance to avoid any last moment problems.

Accommodations on NYE

Being an admirable destination in Europe, Holland has full range accommodations to meet any tourists requirements. If you are arranging your trip for celebrating Christmas and New Year in a city of Netherlands, early hotel booking is strongly suggested.