Grand Parties in Marseille on New Years Eve 2017

New Years Eve in Marseille

One of the biggest festivals that attract people from many years is New Year’s Eve. Every city celebrates this day with huge arrangements and Marseille is not an exception. It is a beautiful city of Europe that looks gorgeous on this special day. From grand parties to romantic dinner you will find everything in this city. To watch the beautiful fireworks show and to wander the streets of this city to explore its beauty come and visit Marseille on New Year’s Eve 2017.

Celebrations on NYE

To experience grand and massive New Year’s Eve parties, you need to visit Marseille city in France. The beautiful city offers great arrangements along with different festivals, exhibitions, dance shows and theatre. Every corner of the city looks glamorous on the evening as they decorate it with dazzling lights.

 The main attraction of this event is the fireworks display and like the other big cities Marseille plans huge fireworks to celebrate this New Year’s Eve. Marseille, the cultural hub of Europe organizes a spectacular fireworks display at the heart of the city. A group of people come together to perform on the evening. The dazzling fireworks, beautiful lights and excellent water choreography along with melodious music will create the best ambience. More than 2000 people come to visit this city to witness such beautiful programmes on New Year’s Eve.

When you are in Marseille then you should definitely visit Marseilles Arc de Triomphe. It is a popular historic structure that looks beautiful and impressive. This place has a great value so; people organize different dance programmes near this place.

Well, as you all know Marseille is a port city. Hence, it is advisable to visit the port. As the modern port is the busiest commercial place so, you can visit the old part. In every year, people organize big cruise parties in this area. You can party with your friends and also have good dinner. A number of people come to this place to celebrate the occasion and welcome the New Year warmly. You can dance with your partner throughout the night or have a romantic dinner. This is a very romantic place that will definitely amaze you.

Noailles is the biggest market place of this city. It is a very old place that offers different types of discount on this special occasion. You can buy many things from this place.

Marseille has a rocking night life. With its thousands of clubs and pubs it arranges great parties on New Year’s Eve.  Many local bands perform on their best track to mesmerize people.

Hotels for NYE

While you are planning to visit a new city to celebrate the biggest festival then you should be aware with the hotels and accommodation facilities of that city. There are a number of reputed hotels that offer excellent services and always try to help their customers. Europe hotel Vieux port, Le Rhul, Grand Tonic Hotel Marseille and Hotel Sofitel Marseille are the best hotels of this place. You can book your tickets earlier to avoid any hindrance.