Visit Hobart to Enjoy 2017 New Years Eve

Hobart New Years Eve

Hobart is the capital and the densely inhabited metropolis of Australian isle state, Tasmania. It is the second oldest city of Australia after Sydney. The mild climate of this city attracts a large number of tourists every year. One of the foremost advantages of this metropolis is that it receives rare snowfall in the winter season. Therefore the natives of this city celebrate the occasion of New Year bountifully because they never have to face the obstacle of stormy cold winds. On the 31st December night, they decorate the city of Hobart with different colored flowers and lights. Various types of eye-dazzling fireworks are exploded to welcome the novel year.

During the end of December and starting of January, usually the weather of Hobart is quite hot but keeping aside the scorching heat, this city proffers grand entertainment to the natives and the travelers. On the night of 31st December, the Australians and visitors of other countries come to enjoy the exhilarating shows and various sorts of exhibitions arranged by the bistros, theatres and night clubs of Hobart.

It can be surely said that these arrangements make the experience of Hobart’s New Year’s Eve a memorable one for you also. You will be able to experience the excellent performance of the local bands amid the splendid ambience of waterfront arranged by the famous party organisers of that metropolis. These sorts of New Year parties will definitely make your night the most memorable one. In some of the bashes, you can even experience the concert of the famous band of Hobart, Sugartrain that compels their audiences to dance on their impressive beat. Yet there are other bands also in Hobart that present excellent performance in different discotheques and night clubs for instance Adam Cousen and Wolfe Brother.

Taste of Tasmania

Tasmania is the best place for the food lovers. During New Year’s Eve they organise a Taste Festival (known as the Taste of Tasmania) that attract a huge number of food adorers towards it.

During Christmas and New Year’s season, Hobart is very well known as this city is the finish for Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race which is annually started on Boxing Day 26 December.

Hotels for NYE

There are scores of grand hotels in Hobart that proffer special luxurious services to the travelers at the time of New Year’s Eve. Some of those famous hotels are:

  • Cradle Mountain Lodge
  • Hadley’s Orient Hotel
  • Henry Jones Hotel
  • Salamanca Wharf Hotel
  • Grand Chancellor Hotel Hobart
  • The Islington Hotel
  • The Henry Jones Art Hotel
  • Fountainside Hotel
  • Somerset on the Pier Hobart
  • Travelodge Hobart

Bars & Restaurants

Top ten most popular cafe & restaurants for your NYE parties:

  • Solo Pasta and Pizza
  • The Glass House
  • Hearth Pizza & Small Plates
  • Salamanca Wharf Cafe
  • Cultura Espresso Bar & Restaurant
  • Frank Restaurant and Bar
  • Jackman & McRoss
  • Ball and Chain Grill
  • Rockwall Bar and Grill
  • Machine Laundry Cafe