Celebrating New Years Eve 2017 in Greece

Greece New Years Eve

New Years Eve 2017 in Greece is the most observed days of the year because of the passions and great thrills, activities and traditional events such as playing lucky games like rolling dice and playing cards in clubhouses, coffee houses and people’s homes around the country. If you have never been in Greece during New Year holidays before, give it a try in next coming festive season.

Besides the games and other activities, there is a state lottery that has prizes like 10 million Euros on that day. During the New Year’s Eve holiday, clubs and bars are filled to the max with people celebrating until the sun rises. Many fireworks displays are organized all and the different cities in Greece are colorfully decorated and musical events are arranged. Even though the planning of all New Years Eve activities takes a little effort, it will be both fun and keep the adults and children occupied.

In recent years elaborate NYE firework displays have been established in the central squares of the cities throughout Greece. Thus, the firework displays for New Years Eve in Athens should be great performances. They are organized responsibly by the various municipalities, who also put up festive decorations and sponsor musical events for the Eve’s celebrations.

Children are kept busy until the clock strikes midnight then they get busy playing traditional games like “Vasilias” and “Berlina;” they also sing traditional Greek New Years carols. Adults play games also for entertainment and to bring good luck for the coming year. You can find many ideas at the different hotels for celebrating New Years Eve in Greece.

Many hotels in Greece have parties and special events planned for New Year’s Eve, and every rooftop bar with a view to the fireworks will be jammed. While almost every hotel in Athens with the necessary facilities will be offering something, the 5-star hotels dominate this event and many of them traditionally sell out. If you are planning to spend your upcoming NYE & Xmas holidays in Greece, early flight ticket and hotel bookings are highly recommended.