Enjoy Japanese Spring with Cherry Blossoms


Japan is one of the best destinations in North Asia for enjoying New Year and Spring Festival. Japan’s cherry blossoms, also known as sakura, are in full bloom in late March or early April. Pink, white and red blossoms reach their peak across every region of the country. These flowers blossom and wither within a week. Everyone longs for golden moments with these ephemeral flowers.

The blossom-watching festival in late March or early April is known as “Hanami”. The official opening ceremony occurs when chosen cherry trees in Yasukuni Temple start to bloom. Admiring cherry blossoms dates back thousands of years and is regarded as a national festival. At the start of the Hanami Festival, Japanese people temporarily set aside their work and join outdoor parties, drink sake, eat sakura cakes, sing, chat and take photos under theĀ  big shady blossom trees. If a petal drops into a reveller’s glass of sake it’s seen as a sign of good luck for the join coming year.

Sakura flowers are iconic of Japan. A cherry blossom is compared samurai’s lifespan. They bloom and wilt in the blink of an eye, but remain lovely and fragrant after falling to the ground. Japanese samurais aspired to sacrifice their lives with the serenity of a cherry blossom.

If you are planning to spend your Spring Festival in Tokyo, blossom-watching festival should be a great experience.