Chinese New Year Celebrations in New York 2017

Chinese New Year in New York City

The city of New York celebrates Chinese New Year in a special way and has many hidden surprises for tourists. 2017 CNY celebrations include Chinese annual parade, firecrackers and fireworks, lion dances, dragon dances, music and drummers.

New York City at a glance

To differentiate the city from state, New York is known as the city of New York or New York City. New York, New York City is the most populous and most densely populated city of United States of America. The city of New York has a large influence on commerce, education, finance, technology, media, research, arts and fashion. The city of New York consists of five boroughs which include Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and Bronx. The city is also considered to be located on world’s largest harbor. New York City comprises of many large skyscrapers and beautifully designed stunning buildings.

The climate of New York city is defined as humid subtropical climate. The city of New York is considered to be the northern most major and populous city in North American continent. This city is also referred as cultural capital of world. The culture of city prevails in the air just like wind or more pleasant weather. This city is also very famous due to cuisines, performing arts and arts.

There are many places in city which act as magnet for tourists. Some of these places are Little Italy, Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Central Park, Battery Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, GE Building, The Cloisters, Rockefeller Center, Bronx Zoo, Museum of Modern Art, Coney Island, Solomnon R. Guggenheim Museum, High line and Ellis Island.

Parties and celebrations

New York city celebrates the Chinese New Year for the Chinese population living there. Large parties are organized in restaurants, night clubs and pubs. These parties feature dinner, Chinese traditional dishes, music and dances. Roosevelt Park celebrates the event with exploding fire crackers and organizing fire cracker show.

A parade takes place in Chinatown. This year this parade will feature lion dances, dragon dances, big floats, drummers, musicians, dancers, unicorns and goats. With the end of parade firework show is displayed to haunt the evils. If you are able to watch these celebrations then feel lucky because these are the most beautiful celebrations and the largest occasion celebrated in New York City.

Accommodations on CNY

New York City consists of a large number of hotels and resorts in which tourists can easily get accommodation. Some of the hotels are Andaz 5th Avenues, Hotel Pennsylvania, Holiday Inn New York- Soho, The Nolitan Hotel, Waldorf Astoria New York and Novotel Hotel Beacon.