Celebrate Chinese New Year 2017 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chinese New Year

The most important traditional festival for all Chinese is Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. The celebration is held on the first day of the first month according to the lunar calendar (the Chinese calendar), which is based on the cycles of the moon’s movement. Since it is base on moon’s movement calendar then Chinese New Year will fall on different date every year. Chinese New Year will fall in February 2017. Employees in Hong Kong will enjoy three days holiday in Spring Festival and usually will go back to work on January fourth of the Lunar calendar.

Celebration for CNY

There are some cultural similarities between residents in Hong Kong and mainland China in the way they celebrate Spring Festival. It is customary for family to reunite, eat symbolic foods that will bring in good luck for the new year, decorating houses with New Year scrolls and fresh flowers, and wearing new, bright colour clothes.


These days less and less Hong Kong residents display Spring Couplets or New Year paintings in their houses. Many people use favor ornaments instead, which have the same implied meaning of Spring Couplets and New Year paintings.

Hong Kong is well known as a “Food Paradise”. There are many of customs related to food during Spring Festival time. The supper eaten on Chinese New Year’s Eve is the most important meal of the year. Chinese try to go back ‘home’ and enjoy the supper with their family members, no matter how far they are or where they reside. It is not uncommon for family members who live in another city or country to plan their holiday so they make it in time for this all important dinner. Food often served at this supper includes dumplings (jiao zi), fish, Niaogao, and certain sweets. visiting the flower market is One of the important activity after supper. Victoria Park is the biggest and busiest flower market, and you can find so many flower markets in Hong Kong,

Many people can see the tradition of lion dances and dragon lantern dances during this period. On the second day of every Spring Festival, you will enjoy the spectacular fireworks show at Victoria Harbor.

Happiest people during this time should be kids who receive lucky money from friends, families, and of course their parents, which is often gifted in red envelopes. Lucky money is called “li shi” in Chinese. According to legend, people put some copper coins wrapped in red paper under their children’s pillows to drive away monsters and evil spirits. Kids often use their lucky money to buy, toys, books, and even save it to make it last all year. Children are expected kowtow to their elders to show their respect and give blessings, while the elders grant lucky money to the kids to show their love and well wishes for the year.

If you are planning a holiday for Chinese New Year in Hong Kong or any country for Lunar New Years, try to coincide it with this festive season, although accommodation and flights are harder to come by and most likely higher in price it’s a time of year that is so vibrant and special you will certainly enjoy sharing in the celebrations.


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