New Years Eve 2017 At Cincinnati- A Party Hotspot

Cincinnati New Years Eve

If Mohammed Abad Alrazak is to be believed, then, “New year is living life in a new and fresh time on the same path of destiny”. And when it is welcoming a whole batch of hopes that is in question, then what could be possibly better than celebrating the day with party, fireworks and splendour. Wondering where will you get it all? Well, how about Cincinnati in Ohio?

Revel In the Spirit Of NYE

Home to over 2 million people, the city of Cincinnati is one of the hotspots of New Years Eve celebrations in Ohio. If your New Year celebration wish list includes glamour, party and a hell lot of fun, then Cincinnati is probably the best place for you to be in.

The fireworks form one of the chief attractions of the celebration in Cincinnati. The juxtaposition of the snow and fireworks endow Oakley Square in Madison Square with an ethereal quality. You could easily join the masses waiting with bated breath for the stroke of midnight when the square bursts into tangerine colours. You could also consider joining in the annual ball that is held every year at the same Oakley Square. Accompanied by live music, food and drinks, this is one of the best party venues that you will come across in the whole of Cincinnati.

If you are not much of the wild party person and prefer spending time with your family, then you could head out to Fountain Square and Vine Streets, where centred around the ice rink, families enjoy food, music and drinks. This event normally opens on thanksgiving and runs throughout Christmas, New Year, right into mid-February. If you wish to welcome the New Year in a grand manner and having a refined party is your thing, then you could easily opt for a cruise party on the Ohio River that runs right through the heart of the city.

Food forms an important part of every celebration that we can think of worldwide and New Years Eve is no different on this score. You could easily pick a restaurant among the many that throng the city and feats your tongue on the traditional flavours of Black Eyed Peas, Tamales, Champagne and the like. There are a number of restaurants all around the town where you can pay a visit to, Aglamesis, Camp Washington Chili Parlor, and Montgomery Inn being some of the best names.

Accommodations on NYE

Since Cincinnati is deemed as one of the four hotspots of New Years Eve celebrations in Ohio, it is quite obvious that the tourist footfall will increase at this time of the year. So, it is best to skip last minute booking arrangements if you have one and go for an advanced booking. There are a number of hotels and other accommodating options all around Cincinnati, such as, 21C Museum Hotel, Hampton Inn, Spring Hill Suites and the like that come up with a pretty bouquet of offers on the occasion. So, grab one of these offers and book yourself an accommodation in advance to enjoy New Years Eve 2017 in Cincinnati to the hilt.