Top places for Christmas Markets in Europe

Top Christmas Markets in Europe

A wonderful time to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe is winter. Europe’s festive season is marked by the Christmas market. Both capital cities and small towns indulge in the joy and happiness of Christmas. There are many markets that feature shopping, music and entertainment and celebrates local traditions. Are you on the look out for beautiful Christmas presents, and want to hear the lovely sound of Christmas carols? Then, you must dive into our selection of the best Xmas markets in Europe which is the best destination for a perfect New Year holiday. This article will help you to discover the most beautiful Christmas markets of Europe.


This place is paradise on earth. You yourself will know the reason why an increasing number of tourists visit these place during winter by visiting these places once. Know about its idyllic side and take part in themed programs. During this time of the season a special atmosphere is offered by Zagreb which simply can be felt and experienced. This place is chosen by an enormous number of tourists. This place offer themed programs which take place on the streets.


Strasbourg is the oldest Christmas market in Europe. In 1570 the christkindelsmarik was held in Strasbourg for the first time. This place is successfully holding its tradition ever since. This place offers outstanding advent concerts, a wide range of authentic live music and cultural events. Christmas is a perfect time to go on a cultural trip to this place.


Festive sound, colors, seductive smell and lights transform the squares and streets round the cathedral and Aachen town hall into paradise. Both young and old get fascinated by the glorious fair in the Christmas city. The Aachen Christmas market is an absolute must for all people of Aachen and Aachen fans as well.


If you want to experience the magic of Christmas in its purest form for six entire weeks then Colmar visit is a must. Illumination will draw your way that links to the city’s five Christmas markets. These islands of togetherness which are nestled  in the town square with their own architectural features are authentic and intimate.


Enchanting encounters, colorful stalls, fantastic gift ideas, perfumes fill the five weeks of Christmas. Visitors are bathed by joy and lights in the festive atmosphere which embodies the event. This unmissable happening is the reason that makes this capital city a privileged city trip destination.

If you want to secure an amazing trip to one of the most enchanting winter wonderlands of Europe, then you should definitely visit the above mentioned places. For a real Christmas indulgence you must venture abroad. In these places you will discover beautifully decorated log cabins, Christmas markets and beer halls. You will discover handmade gifts, tasty sweet treats, ornate decoration. All these will make your Christmas memorable for lifetime.