Visit Canada to Indulge most blissful Christmas 2016

Christmas in Canada

In Canada winter being a way of life people heartily embraces the holiday season by lighting up their homes and holding vibrant parades and festive celebrations. It is a real interesting experience to spend Christmas in cold weather. In case you are planning a visit for next coming holidays, you must check out this article. There are numerous festive cheer to choose from. We have narrowed down some best places for you to spend Christmas 2016 in Canada.


The capital of Canada and the fourth largest city in the country Ottawa stands on the south bank of the Ottawa river, which is situated in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario. In early December it begins with an illumination ceremony that bathes the nation’s capital and the parliament building in dramatic light. Free hot chocolate, Christmas carols and beaver tails characterize this ceremony, which is again followed by a solid month of beauty.


The largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario attracts half million people as it holds one of the biggest Santa clause parade in the world. It traces a 6 kilometer route through the city’s heart and features 20 marching bands, more than two dozen floats and Father Christmas, in the flesh. This festival starts with the lightening of a massive Christmas tree in Nathan Phillips square which is located in front of city hall.


This province of Canada has a predominantly speaking French population. This is a great place to spend the Christmas holiday with beautiful and fluffy white snow and historic architecture. Christmas in this province is characterized by large scale illuminations, authentic German Christmas market and a light show.


Christmas celebration in this city is featured in the Carol ships parade of lights on the water. This annual tradition has been taking place since the 1960s. More than 80 boats strung with some 100,000 lights parade around False Creek, Deep Cove and Port Moody. Many book a cruise for a romantic dinner during this time. You can also give a visit to Stanley Park and ride the miniature train through more than one million lights that strung all over one of the Canadian greatest green spaces.


The capital of the Canadian province of Alberta, Edmonton celebrates Christmas and New Years Eve with great grandeur. It comes alive with warm, festive light and joyful sounds. Brighten up your Christmas holidays with artistic lights in Edmonton. There are many Christmas carols and concerts that takes place during this time of the year in and around Edmonton. Let yourself carried away by these beautiful indulgences and forget about all the worries of life.

If you have decided to spend your Christmas holidays in Canada then you must visit these above mentioned places and early booking is strongly recommended. Canadian cities are not just decorating  in style, but also celebrates in style attracting millions of people all over the world. So indulge in platonic pleasure and beauty by visiting these places.